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Samaritan House Las Vegas

Over the past 48 years, Samaritan House has provided a safe and supportive environment for thousands of men to start over and learn how to manage their lives alcohol and drug free.

The Samaritan House offers hope, opportunity and a new way of life for many men, their wives, children and families.

About Samaritan House, Las Vegas
Samaritan House, Las Vegas established in 1965 as a sober living home to rehabilitate chronic alcoholic men in early recovery. Starting with just four beds, we now house up to 43 men in our present location next to West Care’s detox facility. Samaritan House is licensed by the State of Nevada as a halfway house and is a nonprofit organization. Samaritan House operates through donations paid by the residents as well as community donations and is overseen by a board of directors. For more than four decades, Samaritan House has helped thousands of men become sober and drug-free and regains their self-respect through a structured and supportive environment. Samaritan House accepts referrals from the community at large and walk-ins are welcome.



Samaritan House Las Vegas





Our Services come by many names...
Halfway house,
Drug addiction rehabilitation,
Drug treatment,
Sober living,
Transitional housing
Spiritual experience
Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Principles


Please contact us if you know someone needing help, or if you want to help us.
Founded in 1965, we have helped literally thousands of men who have struggled with drug addiction and alcohol abuse.
Sometimes the guys coming through our doors are at their end, sometimes at their beginning. In any case.
The Samaritan House has the compassion, experience, and opportunity to make a difference.

Samaritan House Las Vegas

Samaritan House is in desparate need of Corporate Sponsors and donations of supplies and monetary support. The current Community Partners, supporting the Samaritan House encourage you to learn more about the services and environment they provide and experience the value in face-to-face exposure.

At The Samaritan House we are dedicated to helping others.

We have been serving the community in and around Las Vegas for over 48 years.
Whether you know someone in need or want to get involved yourself, we offer the hope that is needed to make it through the tough times and to build a foundation for a better life.

Since 2000, we've had over 5,000 men come through our doors!
We are the first and oldest Halfway House in Las Vegas. With over 40 beds, we offer housing, recovery assistance, meals, life skills, and mentorship for those in need.


Thank you for all you contributions. Together we can change the future, one life at a time...

The Samaratin House is Going Green!
Please help us to "Go Green". We are currently accepting donations of materials, time, services, expertise, and contributions to help us to install and maintain Solar Electric power, Solar Heated water, and Energy effecient appliances. The more green we go, the more people we can help in the future due to decreased costs of operation!


The Samaritan House
1001 North 4th street
Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 382-8437

So many people give to charities and have no idea if their genrous donations make to the intended benificiaries

The Samaritan House, located in the heart of "Sin City", has been helping those in need for nearly 50 years.

We have accomplished so much that it couldnt be written in a thousand books. But we didn't do it alone...

We need your help. There is no deed too little to go unnoticed. Donate to a great cause, become a Good Samaritan today!