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I am a Samaritan Man

Samaritan Man
You have come to the Samaritan House, that has been proven to give men an opportunity and a new way of life. That the process in this house is Blessed, and is more than three hots and a cot. (That it is not) It is a house of fellowship and survivors and by the residents you will feel love and concern as you come to the door, greeted by others like you, which God has placed here, to help you through. You have entered a house that will help you become responsible, respectful and honest. If you get, and stick to a spiritual plan later returning to the world you can feel, I am a Samaritan Man.

Written by: Vernon Wesly Sr. March 11, 2005


Samaritan House worked when nothing else would, I beleive in my heart I would no...t be alive today if it wasnt for this houe, the last house on the block.

Kevin D.


Samaritan House has provided a structued environment to assit men in transitioning to a better way of life for more than 40 years in the Las Vegas Valley. To learn more about them and how you can continue to help them provide the valuable services they provide to this community.

Genie H.


I too am very grateful to the Sam House and will be forever indebted to it for the path it set me on........thanks Kevin and to the members of the board of directors David D


I feel u man forever grateful for the Sam house cant ever forget where I came from.

Cliff B.



So many people give to charities and have no idea if their genrous donations make to the intended benificiaries

The Samaritan House, located in the heart of "Sin City", has been helping those in need for nearly 50 years.

We have accomplished so much that it couldnt be written in a thousand books. But we didn't do it alone...

We need your help. There is no deed too little to go unnoticed. Donate to a great cause, become a Good Samaritan today!



Helen Weyerman


In Loving Memory of Helen L. Weyerman, Founder of Las Vegas Samaritan House, Inc.


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