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Samaritan House
A Program of Action

Since 1965, a place where men who have been lost to the streets can find themselves.
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About Us

a Program of Action Since 1965

We offer short-term transitional housing to those suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Each and every individual is given a chance if they’re committed to move forward with their sobriety.

We do not refuse people based on their backgrounds and we are one of the few houses in Southern Nevada that routinely accepts men coming out of incarceration. We were the first in Las Vegas to serve these at-risk individuals.

Samaritan House

Welcome to
Samaritan House


The Samaritan House offers hope, opportunity
and a new way of life for many men, their
wives, children and families.


What is meant by the last house on the block?

Upon entry to Samaritan House, many have lost their friends, family, employment and most of all, their self-respect. It can be a humbling experience for many men to start their lives over. We ask the men take action and become accountable; don’t be a tourist in your own life. Samaritan House is focused on helping the men who reside here physically, mentally and spiritually well.

Physical Health

Whether coming off the streets or incarceration, a multitude of men arrive undernourished and out of shape. Three hot meals are provided daily for residents by our chef’s.  Our chef’s work hard to provide three nourishing meals daily. Additionally, a great selection of weights are available out back. Complete abstinence is a requirement and plays a major role in the physical fitness of the men.

Mental Health

The men live as part of a community acquiring self-respect for both themselves and others. As a member in the home, the men are responsible for keeping their quarters and the house at large clean and orderly.  Respect is both earned and given at Sam House. Self-worth and confidence naturally develop as the fog lifts from abstinence of drugs and alcohol.

Spiritual Health

Samaritan House holds meetings on site and the men are required to obtain a sponsor to meet with regularly and guide them through the Twelve Steps.  Many men from the community come for A.A. meetings and provide the residents with the hope that there is a solution.  These meetings are spiritual in nature, not a religious program.  (Yes, there IS an incredible difference between spirituality and religion.)  Once a man is spiritually fit, we simply ask they give what they so freely have been given.

It is a fact that if a man gives only a percentage of the effort they gave to being an alcoholic or an addict, the gifts they receive are immeasurable.