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Our Staff

Staff at Samaritan House talk the talk because they have walked the walk.  We are men who have chosen a path to further our sobriety and maintain a solid spiritual relationship with a power greater than ourselves.  Alcoholic /Addicts like us have suffered the consequences of our actions, lost all hope, become filled with fear, guilt and shame. But we are here to comfort you and set you on a new path.

Throughout our days of using we stopped many times but could never stay stopped.  The men from Samaritan House and those from the Las Vegas community who are willing to give freely of their time and compassion have changed our lives.  Here, you have not done anything we have not heard or done ourselves, nor will we ask you to do anything we have not done for our own sobriety.

All we ask is you abstain from alcohol and drugs and to remain openminded and willing. Those who suffer from the disease of addiction want everything yesterday, however recovery does not work that way; it is a day to day process and progress, not perfection, is our goal. We know that the struggle is real and our short-term housing aims to relieve the suffering of those who are ready and willing to find a better, life changing solution.

Each member of our staff has battled for their own life at one time or another and has lived and grown here at the Samaritan House. Now that you know we have walked in your shoes, allow us to walk beside you as you follow a spiritual path to a better and more meaningful way of life.