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Our Staff

The longest standing sober living home in 1965, Samaritan House has helped improved thousands of men’s lives.  Here we aim to ease willing men back into their rightful place in society.

Founded in 1965 with only four beds, we can now accommodate up to forty-three men in our Las Vegas location, right next to West Care’s detox facility. Samaritan House is licensed by the State of Nevada as a non-profit 501 (C) Tax Exempt charitable organization and halfway home and is overseen by a Board of Directors.

Residents are admitted after forty-eight hours of continuous sobriety and when well enough, encouraged to seek gainful employment.  The Samaritan House operates through donations from both the community and the residents. Once sustainably employed, a modest donation for rent is asked of the residents Formerly beaten down men learn through a program of action to be taxpayers rather than a tax burden.

Samaritan House accepts referrals from the community at large and walk-ins are welcome. Other potential referral sources include courts and court programs, homeless shelters and outreach programs, hospitals and detox facilities, treatment programs, family and mental health agencies, parole and probation, jails and prisons.

Complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol is mandatory and residents are required to attend meetings and acquire a sponsor. Our residents find solutions becoming active in the program, working the Twelve Steps and facing and accepting their defects as opposed to running from their demons.

We ask for a ninety-day commitment upon entry and in return provide a way out from a dead end. For the real alcoholic there are very few paths.  The true alcoholic can abstain from mind altering substances or continue to follow the path to jails, institutions or death. For anyone who is unwilling to follow simple house rules, we will refund your misery at no cost.