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  1. You must be an admitted alcoholic / addict and must have minimum of 48 hours sobriety.
  2. Include a brief summary of crime / offense.
  3. Five-hundred-dollar deposit in the form of a money order made payable to Samaritan House, Inc. to be received prior to commencement of residence. This deposit is only refundable should parole be denied.
  4. A valid state ID, birth certificate and a negative TB test on file.
  5. We ask for a commitment of ninety days in order to receive any letters of completion of our program.
  6. Absolute compliance with house rules. Any and all infractions will result in immediate termination, no refunds given.
  7. This is not a flop house, your actions are required. Willingness to obtain a sponsor to guide you through the Twelve Steps, as well as obtaining full time employment are proven methods of success for a new and meaningful life.

If you want a solid chance at a new life and are willing to adhere to these simple house rules, we welcome you to your next step.  Success has been demonstrated by attending meetings, working the steps with a sponsor, willingness to hear and follow suggestions and being active in service.